Street art

Topic of the day will be as you may have suspected – Street art!

Today was one of those days where I got that amazing feeling, or lets just say that I was reminded of what I love about Berlin, and what makes it such an amazing, interesting and vivid city. The street art and the graffiti, the atmosphere, the dirtiness the bars, the cafés, the small shops, the markets, the people, the clubs… I can continue forever. That’s why I will shut up here and now, and only show you some pics of today. Most of them are taken at Hackescher Markt, and think that they capture my mood and emotions at the moment.

image (18)

image (17)

image (16)

image (15)

image (14)

image (11)

image (25)

image (24)

image (23)

image (22)

image (20)

image (19)

image (21)

image (26)

image (27)


image (30)

image (29)

image (28)


Nice weekend to you all! ❤

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1 year!

Today, I dedicate this to you…

…IVIN! 😀

Can’t believe how fast the time runs by. For exactly one year ago I met this amazing person called Ivin. I have never-ever-EVER clicked with a person so quickly. We met eachother in the germanistics class, and me as the overly social weirdo, walked up to him and said he looked cool as he rolled his own cigarettes. Just as an icebreaker you know. And from that moment we have been supporting eachother through all kind of weird madness which this city has had to offer us. Do you remember when we just arrived to Berlin and left all my stuff in my new WG and were super hungry, and decided to make a stop at the Curry wurst place at Frankfurter alle. WORST DECISCION EVER!!! *pukes* That was when we realized that we have to start a reform which enables one to have the hot dog INSIDE of the bread. Not on the side?? B*TCH PLZ!

But I think we both slowly but steady are starting to feel quite at home now, which is nice. I also just become a member of Köpenick! LOL! Something I would never had expected when I moved to B. But life can take some rather funny turns I guess. 🙂 Oh well, we will see how long one can take it out here in the “wilderness”. Sometimes I wich I had a space ship which could take me to the city in like 1 minute. Another option would to live in the city, but thats so mainstream AMIRIGHT?!?!

I ❤ You Man! 🙂




Think about how much that could happen in one year, and how life can change. Amazing! Is  all I have to say. Have a nice evening folks!

image (1)

Me @ work! ^^


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Hallo Herbst 2014!

The autumn has come to Berlin!

I am embracing you Autumn, with big open arms! Finally I won’t be going around, dripping with sweat. The summer in Berlin was beautiful and amazing, but OMG how warm it was! Nope – I think I will find it much more delightful now when it isn’t over 25 degrees everyday. As usual, I have been going around and giving promises to the right and left that I will blog more continuously. How silly of me to do such things, when I now its so hard to find time and inspiration for that. Other things that comes with the autumn and the colder weather is of course THE COLDS = hundreds of thousands of people who compulsively blows their noses in every public square meter of the city. But guess what – I’m one of them now!!! *laughs spitefully*. It is simply a part of the germanification progress. I had a horrible cold the last week and just calculated that I have blown my nose over 200 times the last 1,5 week, if someone is intrested of knowing that. Since a pack of tissues contains 10 tissues, and I have used over 20 packs, I quickly stated that with my highly impressive math skills. My favorite “blowing-my-nose”-place is definitly on the commuter train, on my way to work, next to a grumpy, bitter person. Whats your favorite? Tihihi!

image (8)

Okely dokely, I promised to give you some hints and recommendations regarding touristic stuff. And I will! Things I have visited so far since I started working at visitBerlin:

  • Neues Museum – A museum which will certainly satisfy you, if you are very interested of stones, old vases and dusty egyptian tomb stones.
  • Deutsches Historische Museum – A huge museum with interesting exhibitions. For example a photo exhibition of the life in the GDR time (Farbe für die Republik), an exhibition for the first world war, and as you can guess – a loooooot of german history in general. I was there in 30 minutes.
  • Naturkundemuseum – I will definitely go back to this museum! When I was there, they had an exhibition of flies – totally disgusting, but horribly fascinating! My favorite was the badly stuffed leopard in a glas monter. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to publish that picture, but please go there and visit the museum! I had a good laugh, and it is really interesting.
  • Mauer Museum – Ok, before you visit this museum, make sure your blood sugar is at a steady high level, because you will walk in to a BIG FAT WALL OF TEXT!!!!!!!! I mean, a human beeing can’t process that information in a month! How are you supposed to do it in a day!?!?!
  • Schloss sanssouci – I was never inside the palace, but the garden was nice.
  • Deutsches Technikmuseum – This is probably one of my favorite museums now. I was there with the good old Ivin. The sad thing was though, that you wasn’t allowed to experiment with things  on your own, like the technological museum in Stockholm *sighs loudly with a feeling like: Sweden is soooo much better than Germany in so many ways*. But the most positive part was that we got to travel with an old museum train from the museum to another museum, where they had a pretty large collection of buses, cars, trams, trains and subways from the last century. I must say, I was very surprised of how interesting I found all of that *laughs like a nerd*.

But the last hint I will give you all is this. Hahahahahahahaha!

image (4)

Also, on this thursday, a snail race will be taking place in emser strasse 16 at 9 pm. LOL!

image (5)

*Choooo Chooooo* Ivin is EXCITED to go with the slowlest train in town! (Who is the creepy kid behind him? *scared*)

image (2)

I love how that old lady (man? *confused* *very uncertain*) in the middle of the picture just happened to be the center of this picture. Anyways, ladies and gentlemen: Schloss Sanssouici! Voíla!

image (6)

Why didn’t I took a picture at the car/bus-thingy behind the hearse? 😦 IT LOOKED JUST LIKE A TOASTER!!!

image (9)

Ivin is hitting it off at Reeperbahn. Inside of the technological museum… (?!)

image (3)

And this is just funny.

Maybe I was to quick the german bureaucracy. Earlier this morning I was  at the beloved bürgeramt. I had been gathering my strength a long time before, but believe me or not – I was going out there with the document I came for within 20 minutes. 20 MINUTES!!!!! 😀

🙂 Hej svejs!

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Olga 2.0

…I’m back! 😀

I feel so ashamed that I havn’t been writing for such a long time. My apologies. But lately, I felt quite low, and been going on autopilot. But those days are over. Now I finally got the chance to live my life to the fullest in this amazing city, and I will start my new job at VisitBerlin tomorrow! *Jumps of joy and happiness*. I can’t describe how happy I am and how amazing it feels to be a part of welcoming the tourists to the greatest metropol in the world. The advantages with this job is:

1. I will speak a lot of german every day. NO MORE EXCUSES!!! 😉
2. I will learn everything that is worth knowing about Berlin aaaand a little bit more! 😛
3. I will have a job where I will be meeting people and where I will have the power to influence what people will do on their vaccation *muhahaha*
4. I will be happy every day! 🙂

Now this is said and done, I’ll be happy to blog about the hidden gems and pearls of Berlin. And everything else regarding the most interesting business one could ever have for an occupation – tourism. And hopefully a little bit more regurarly. 😉

Isn't she beautiful? :)

Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂

Bis bald!  :-*

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Sun, beaches, tapas, sephora, a swimming pool, my best friend…. Life is GOOD! But at the moment the weather is quite nasty, so I’m blogging instead of procrastinating. 😀

We live in Torrevieja, a little town 40 km from Alicante. We were in Alicante yesterday, just to check out the city, maybe do a little shopping, but it was too warm. So we just sat down at the same tapas restaurant were we ate when we just arrived. And sweated. And the stores were closed due to the siesta so there were no shopping anyways 😦 And something that was really disturbing was that there was some kind of a festival/Karneval in the city, so we got stuck in a street surrounded by the loudest firework sound I ever heard. But everyone else seemed to have a lot of fun. Except for me and Ivin. We just starred at eachother, whispering ”I’m scared” to eachother. I think I lost some of my hearing yesterday. It was SO LOUD.

But we have rented a car, and that makes things a lot easier. But the traffic here is almost worse than in Berlin. People are honking and screaming as soon if you’re not accelerating from 0-100 in 3 seconds by the trafficlights when they turn green, even if there is a street with a speed limit of 30 km/h. Lol. And people are screaming a lot here in general. Its like they have a ”who-can-talk-most-loud”-competition when they meet up and discussing… whatever they are discussing.

On my first day, when J & I picked me up at the airport, I was very disappointed. The sun was gone, and they told me the wether was gonna stay like this for 3 days. And Ivin wanted to climb up at the Castillo because you have a great view over Alicante there. Said and done, we went there, and of course the sun decided to pop up just when we started our climbing adventure! I saw a lady with a nice dress that I wanted so when I asked her where she got it, I got the answer ”- In Moscow”. OK, this is just an internal thingy, you really don’t have to understand, but I’m going around here and talking english with a strong russian accent.

The plans for the week is:

  1. Get a TAN!

  2. Go to the waterpark!

  3. Make some delicious food! I love the fresh fruits and vegetables here in spain! Yum!

  4. Send postcards!

  5. RELAX AND REALIZE I’M ON VACCATION AND THAT I DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are sitting at a restaurant which is owned by a swede from Hökarängen (bästa svängen HÖKARÄNGEN!!!). Ivin just enjoyed a plankstek, a very swedish dish. Meat served on a piece of wood, with bearnaise sauce and mashed potatoes. So if youre going to Torrevieja, try out Galiano, you won’t be disappointed. 😉

Here’s some eyecandy from the week…


My UE Boom ❤ It follows me wherever I go!


Ivin and his plankstek!


An erotic art exhibition in Alicante. I think the flower is supposed to be a..well use your imagination 😉


This was everything I had to say for tonight – have a lovely evening! 😉 Because we will!



Superf(sh)it – part III

You thought the battle was over? It has just begun…

Now what? You must wonder. Well bring some popcorn, put yourself in a comfortable position and fasten your seatbelts – because, HERE WE GO AGAIN! As usual, I like to attend on classes, like bodypump etc, which means I have to plan when I’m struttin my ass to the gym, instead of just going there spontaneously. Said and done, I came home from work, tired as a person who has been sitting on a 48 h flight to New Zealand with 3 transfer flights or something like that, packed my stuff and started my long journey to the gym. On my way, I realize I have forgot the mandatory towel which I have never forget before. Already at this point I’m getting this feelin, like “brace-yourself-because-you-will-have-to-argue-with-some-lowlife-nobody-that-aint-has-no-clue-about-nothin”. I took a deep breath, stepped up to the reception where this guy who I’ve been talking to before were standing. “What a relief” I thought to myself. “He is always friendly and helpful, and why should it would be a problem just because you forget your towel one time?” Ha-ha-ha-ha…. I will never let me be tricked again. NEVER! I put on my obviously to faked smile, pull out my puppy eyes and starts speaking with him: “- Hey, I just realized I forgot my towel, but if I put my shirt on the madress, it wouldn’t be a problem, right? *smiles innocently*” “- No thats impossible”.  Ah, the impossible word! I thought to myself. It sounds very familiar in this reception. But I will get in! I must get in! So I use the strategy where I try make him get a bad consciouns about the fact that I’ve been travelling all the way from Timbuctu to be able to attend on the class. I won’t be using that strategy again! EVER!!! “If people see that you are going in without a towel, it will end up with that everyone thinks its ok going here without a towel. EVERYONE!!!  So, SuperSHIT, when will you take action, and start treating your customers like you actually want them?


On Sunday it gehts los to Spain! 😀

After 5 months (yes Bettan, not 6 😉 ) in Berlin, I decided to go on vaccation! And this time, my pink travel case is following me to Torrevieja for a week! And lets just say… H A L L E – LUUUUUJA, I’m looking forward to it! Its gonna be me and my homeboy Ivin, “some” Mojitos, some hot salsa dancing with Julio (Julio is just a guy that exists in my head – he is like a latino huy who likes to dance salsa and dress himself in colourful shirts that follows his salsa moves in the wind, tight black trousers, likes to drink Mojitos – just like me – and yeah, he looks like  Enrique Iglesias), lay on the beach without moving myself an inch – only if I have to go to get myself I new drink will say.. – yes, that is pretty much everything I will do. DON’T JUDGE ME, MMKAY?! I gotta relaxXxXxX!

My lil sis just left me after an adventures here in B! We had fun like only we two can have! Had some girlnights, met some friends, went to Sisyphos! Hahahahahaha… as usual, things escalated. But It was fun and I really hope she comes back soon again, but I guess I will go back to Stockholm soon!


Don’t forget to watch the soccer tonight! I mean, if I will watch it (I’m the biggest anti-soccer fan in the world), you WILL watch it aswell! The germans are crazy in soccer, and like to dress their cars in the german flag (WTF??? ). Since my lovely sweden is NOT in the WM (WTF???), I guess I will have to cheer for Germany!

Photo 2014-06-14 15 09 19

Lil sis.

Adios Amigos!

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Olgas Big Berlin Bible

Moving to Berlin? You may wanna read this before 😉

Can’t believe I almost lived here for half a YEAR now, yes thats right. So after a lot of experiences I’ve been gathering here, I wanna share it with you, and hopefully give you some useful knowledge. Especially for you guys who are planning to move here.

Why did I want to move here? Hmm, I guess it stood between London, Paris and Berlin. London is an amazing city if you ask me, as the great Primark freak I am (or was, thank god, I have only been there 2 times since I moved here). But the prices…uuuhhhh…no thank you señor! And Paris, baaaaouuui! But no, unfortonately, Je ne parle pas français 😦 . But Berlin – the city that never sleeps (although its horrible if your brain is like mine – set in the shopping mood every sunday, and every sunday you realize that every shop is closed. I will never get used to that), that sounded like an amazing idea! Parties, cool people and of course, to learn the language. But there was a few things I should have made some more researching about before I moved here, I guess some things would have been running more smoothly then… So now I would like to give you a helping hand!

The first golden rule:

ACCEPT that everything is complicated and a pain in the ass here. Get yourself a thick skin and sharpen your elbows if you didn’t already have that and just accept that Berlin isn’t the city of friendlieness.

Where to find a place to live?

This is a really annoying thing about the city. Because it wasn’t just me who wanted to move here. Oh no, it feels like the whole world wants to do that aswell! And persons who say that Berlin is sooo cheap and yada yada, they don’t know NOTHING (John schnee lol). I mean the food etc etc, yeah thats affordable, but to rent a room – A ROOM, can cost you a FORTUNE if you want to live in the central parts. And the competition is hard. Since everyone wants to live in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukölln. When I moved, I was quite lucky. Found myself a room through the Facebook page Svenskar i Berlin like 2 months before I even moved here. And I lived there for 3,5 months, and didn’t really think it would be an issue to find a new place. How wrong I was… Well yes, it can be easy to find a room if you are willing to move around every 2 months, from room to room. But that kind of living is way to stressful for me, so now I’m looking for a longterm place to stay. And I think my WG (Wohngemeinschaft) career is over. I guess I could write another blog post about the WG theme. But lets keep it short and concise. I wanna have my own crib. But good luck chuck… And my advice is that you better get a proper lease, like a Mietvertrag, so no weird situations will appear…hrmm…

Here are my personal suggestions regarding finding places to stay:

FACEBOOK! There are soooo many different pages regarding rooms in WG, apartments. Theres probably also a page for your country. There you could ask all kinds of questions regarding what so ever. I asked like 20 of different questions, and I always get smart and friendly answers! 🙂

WG-gesucht – Ah, such a classic! But let me just warn you, this is really an energy sucker. Because for every, hmm 15 rooms you search, you get invited to maybe 1 or 2 ”castings” to the rooms. What is a casting? You might wonder… I personally HATE this phenomenon in this city called WG-casting. It is like you’re running for the german Idol or whatever. So the people already living in the WG are sitting there like a jury, asking you if you can dance, sing, juggle…. Crazy? AGREED!

And of course, just google it, and you will find websites like immobilienscout24, craigslist and a lot more. But for me, I’ve been using FB and WG-gesucht. Not with great success every time though..hehe.

What kind of documents do I need?

This is certainly not my favorite subject, as you may have noticed. I’m almost getting angry only writing about it. But that’s why I’m writing about it! Every single person who thanks to me, doesn’t need to sit and sweat inside an old Amt for hours, is a personal victory for me! And I can only be helpful to people who are EU-citizens, I’m afraid

  1. Make sure you are bringing your European health inscurance card when you’ve decided to put your feet on german ground. Else, it could get expensive.

  2. Go to Bürgeramt ( *pukes* ), or better up, make an APPOINTMENT at Bürgeramt (so you won’t get the honour to sit there and sweat like an onion for 3-4 h), and just tell them like ”-Hiii! I’m a new cool cat in this city, will you be so kind and help me getting registered on my new adress? smiling of hopefulness and expectations due to the fact that you just arrived to the city, and that you are ready to explore it Aaaaand very soon, the Bürgeramt will give you a slap in the face, making you realize that becoming a part of the german society is not a dance on roses! Well, it is a dance on roses, IF YOU ARE BAREFOOT, JUMPING ON THE ROSES’ THORNES UNTIL YOU BLEED. And also make sure you do it within 2 weeks. Or else something bad will happen! (Of what I’ve heard)

  3. Set up a plan. What are you doing here? What are your goals? For me, the first three weeks was like a vaccation. But I can only recommend that. Take your time to explore the city and just take in all the new impressions. You will be exhausted due to the new atmosphere. Actually, I could use another three weeks just to get more settled here I guess. Anyways, after those three weeks I signed up for a language school. I think its a good way to get started. And make sure it is a school that you will get money from your country’s government. I guess it is very different from country to country, but in Sweden, you will get around 200 Euros every month for it. While you are doing that, you will have time to figure out wether you want to study, get a job or whatever you want to do. And while we’re at it talking about the language, be prepared to invest time in learning it. The german language is not something for the weak! Haha, I was talking to my friend, and he compared it with this scenario: It feels like you are juggeling, and you are so afraid that you are gonna drop everything any second. Due to all the verbs. You know, when 5 verbs come in the end of a scentence? Haben müssen sollen wollen etc etc ETC…. I get a headache about it. Grr. But there are a lot of different language schools. I went to Hartnackschule. Its affordable and they actually offer some really good teachers. Actually, I’m just one month short of getting my C1 certificate, which means I SHOULD be fluent ^^. Hmpf…

  4. Become a member of a german health inscurance company (Krankenkasse). There are a bunch of them, so just ask the peeps on FB what they recommend.

Next time, I’ll be writing about some more easily digestible stuff, like clubs, restaurants, attractions and stuff like that. But whatever you do – don’t forget to enjoy the city! IT IS AMAZING!!! 😀



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Frau Plattfuss!

Forget about the ”Frau Blitz”. I’m officially Frau Plattfuss from now on.

Woke up one day with horrible pains in my foot, couldn’t walk. Almost. So I went to the doctor, and he was like: ”- Ehm, well its not that weird that you can’t walk since you have a PLATTFUSS!” (flatfoot) And I was like ”- Say whaaaaat?!?!?!” Then I got to do some ”special” soles for my shues… No more strutting around in high heels for me in a while.. 😦 *cries and hyperventilates* So this weekend was very eventless and boring, and I can’t remember the last time I was this grumpy before. Kacke, is all I have to say. The end.

Sometimes I just wanna take a monstrously big crane, and lift Berlin to Swedish ground. The bureaucracy here is un-freakin-believable. You never really had to think about administrative stuff in Sweden. For example, you just open the tax return app on your smartphone, and ABRACADABRA, you are done in like 5 minutes. But here… Omg, I can’t find words to describe how sick the german system makes me. Its like the government counteracts you as a citizen. And ESPECIALLY since I’m not a german citizen. Everything could be so much more easier if they were willing to get rid of this ancient system with documents and stamps (oh yes, people who are getting so incredibly turned on by putting stamps on different papers as the german people, does not exist in this universe.) Obviously they are not thinking about the rainforest, since they are printing like 15 different documents for you each time you have an errand at an authority. Thats my opinion after almost 5 months here *leers at the big pile of ”important” documents, which is mysteriously growing day by day, with disguss in the eyes*

I gotta get a grip of myself now. This is NOT okay! I’m sooo lazy when it comes to become fluent in german and I’m really disappointed at myself. But everytime I speak german, my voice changes, I sound like I was 12 again, and I just get so insecure and my level of confidence (which is usually disgustingly high) drops to rock bottom. Any advices out there? I wanna get over this obstacle once and for all. Because I actually CAN speak! 😦

But this week will hopefully be better and more spectacular, since Karneval der Kulturen is coming up! Whoop whoop! I wont miss that foe shoooe! And in exactly 3 weeks and 1 day, something awesome will happen. But I can’t write about it here, since its a secret *giggles*. But I’m looking forward to it, oooooh yes I do! And in only 12 days, my baby sis is coming here. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! It will be fabulous! Amen to that.

And here are just some weird random pics of us, we are masters of making funny faces and noises… Love u brooooe ❤








Oh, me and Ivin were at the Hofbräuhaus a week ago. I think he got satisfied 🙂


Mark my words, I am soooo angry and grumpy now. Grrrrr!


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Hilfe bitte!!!

In this blogpost I am asking for your tips, Berliners! (And I will explain the phenomena “Munspelsmannen” 😉 a bit closer…)

I need your best tips of what one can do on a sunday in this city, since everything is completely closed. And please don’t tell me about going to clubs or open air or whatever. I wanna do something cultural (And please don’t tell me going to clubs is doing something cultural… -_- ). Somehow, my weekends are not going as I plan them. I did not go to Poland yesterday, I wil not have a fabulous Tacofiesta, and I’m certainly not fabulous in generall. Ahh, I won’t complain! I’m gonna watch Transcendence with Marcy later tonight, and we had a lovely lunch just before I sat down on my lazy ass in order to offer you a blogpost. 🙂 So, I’ve been hanging out in Köpernick quite a few times by now. Its like this little suburb of Berlin with an old town. It’s quite cute actually, and not super crowded with tourists hehehe. I’m probably the only non-berlinistic (?) person here haha!


Its aliiiiiive!!! Munspelsmannen ❤

But I can bring my crew in Stockholm some really, really fabulous news. Guess who got herself a big shock when she was walking on Bismarckstrasse on the way to the gym, and suddenly head a sound/melody that sounded very familiar. And there all of a sudden – the legendary Munspelsmannen is standing there, right in front of me, and as always, he was pressing his radio tightly to his left ear while going bezerk with his harmonica. I amost got a little touched by this sight  (I honestly thought he was dead, since I hadn’t seen him for many years in Stockholm), and while everyone else in the street where passing him by, I just had to stop for a few minutes, close my eyes while his monoton melody enchanted me, and blew my mind away to Stureplan for a short moment. Which I FYI not am the biggest fan of. You see, Munspelsmannen is one of the most famous characters in Stockholm among many others, like for example Jeseustanten (the Jesus lady) who is going through the streets of Stockholm while verbally abusing innocent people, who might not be as convinced of jesus and the apoclypse (and God knows what) as she is. So Munspelsmannen usually was standing on Stureplan, playing the same melody with his harmonica 24/7. Quite impressing nevertheless. I was reading on Wikipedia that Horst, aka Munspelsmannen had to move back to Germany. But don’t worry, I gave him some coins, so now he is probably one step closer to be able to go back to you guys in Stockholm! 😉 If you want to see him with your own eyes, you’ll find him outside of Lidl, U-bahn station Bismarckstrasse 🙂


Totilas… dat hoooorse! ❤

Hooooolleeeer to all you horse nerds out there! I’m looking for a riding academy to ride 1 day/week or so. I’m interested in dressage, so a good dressage trainer you can recommend would also be fab! Since germany is one of the leading dressage countries, I cam to the righ plae. I miss horsies so much… 😦 Horses, cats and pugs! ❤ What a cruel world we would have without them…. In the prerfect world, I woul have a big ranch, just next to the city of course, so I would have close to all the clubs, with 10 horses, maybe 1-2 unicorns, 20 cats or so, and 2 pugs. Nothing is impossible! LOL.


Mo-ho-ho-jitos! My favorite fluid on earth foe shooeee!

Have fabulous sunday-funday y’all!

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Frau Blitz

Yes – that’s what people call me nowadays!

So… I’ve been a Berlinerin for a third of a year now. How fast time runs by when you’re having a blast! 🙂 Let’s see what I’ve accomplished sofar!

A job – Check! 😀

A lot of documents from an alarming high number of different authorities. Actually, this reminds me that I have to go to Bürgeramt next week…. *shivers of disgust* – Check!

Mastered the language of Goethe – …………………………… Ithink I blogged about it sometime ago that you german Leute got the oppurtunity to send me back if I wasn’t fluent in the language after like 3 months. But please doooon’t! I like it here! And would be sooooo sad if you did! 😦 I don’t know whats the matter with me, but with CERTAIN people I just get a blockage in my brain, and I’m getting super-duper-awkward and can’t say a thing. So no ”check” here!

Got myself a german BF – CHECK! 😉

Been doing some partying – Check! (I don’t wanna put my foot in a club for at least 1 month, I’m tired, no wait, I’m EXHAUSTED of the nightlife here!)

Found myself a new Zimmer (room) – Check! 😀 It’s awesome here in Schöneberg, and I also just realized I have a 10 minute walk from Ivin! Whoop whoop! There’s an awesome market just outside my door every saturday! Theres an uncountaable number of restaurants, bars and cafés. I have a 3 minute walk to the metro, and the best of all – I can sleep AT LEAST 30 minutes longer in the mornings, since the journey to work has decreased markedly. AMEN TO THAT!

I came back from Stockholm last sunday, and it just hit me that it actually felt good to leave it. Berlin is my new home 🙂 Okay, I can’t deny that I miss the fact that I know Stockholm like my back pocket, every street, every corner., well I can almost crown myself as a Stockholm expert, since I used to work at the Tourist center there.. So if you want my best tips, feel free to ask. Or should I maybe write my own Stockholm guide? MAYBE I SHOULD! .. But of course that’s also a charm of discovering a new city. It still happens that I get confused and take the metro in the wrong direction. Baaah!

The plan for the coming weekend is to go to Poland *HONK HONK*, have a fabulous taco fiesta, and just be fabulous in generall. And listen to some awesome tunes from the heavenly Enrique Iglesias… 😉


The market… 🙂

So loooooong!


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